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Doug McDavid was educated as a generalist, among the pioneer class at UC Santa Cruz, and went on to a career in various forms of information systems. He led major automation projects for organizations as diverse as libraries, telecommunications, insurance, travel, and the military. He has been a leader in bridging between the worlds of business and the worlds of information management, including advanced forms of enterprise architecture. He combines skills of consulting, coaching, and architecting, in the context of diagnosing and treating health-related issues of the enterprise.


  • Erik63 March 29, 2016 Reply

    Great book. Especially the explanation of services that make sense in real life was refreshing. It’s inspiring to think of organizations in terms of the living enterprise. Also the practical tools to diagnose services in a variety of contexts was very helpful.

  • Erik63 March 30, 2016 Reply

    Great book. I especially appreciate the way services are explained in terms that relate to the real world and some ‘ 19th century wisdom’. Makes the abundance of theories that essentially say the same thing unnecessary. Also to think as organizations as living enterprises was inspiring and a great stepping stone to the tools to diagnose the business.

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