ramaRama Akkiraju is a Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor and a member of Academy of Technolgy at IBM. She is presently leading the mission of people insights at IBM’s Watson division. Some of the technologies being researched include inferring people’s personalities, emotions, communication tones, attitudes, and intentions etc. from social media data by employing psycho-linguistic, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.

Prior to this, Rama led the research, development, and delivery of innovative solutions at IBM Almaden Research in San Jose. This project transformed the services engagement (sales) processes for IBM’s services businesses thereby improving the service solution quality, and service engagement process effectiveness that resulted in multi-million dollar cost savings and productivity improvements for IBM.

Before that, Rama has worked on agent-based decision support systems, electronic market places, business transformation analytics, business process integration technologies including semantic Web services at the IBM Watson Research Center in New York. She was one of the drivers of W3C standard on SA-WSDL (Semantic Annotations for Web Services Description Language) and was the editor of the SA-WSDL User guide.

Rama has co-authored 4 book chapters, and over 40 technical papers. Rama has over a dozen issued patents and 20+ others pending. She is the recipient of 3 best paper awards in the areas of AI and Operations Research. Rama also received multiple awards and honors at IBM in her professional career.

Rama holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and has received a gold medal from New York University for her MBA.


10 Granted Patents and 23 pending

1) Multi-objective decision-support methodology
2) Non-invasive networked-based customer support (US 6298457 B)
3) Optimization prediction for industrial processes (US 6490572)
4) Method and structure for federated web service discovery search over multiple registries with result aggregation
5) System and method for conducting dependency analysis of business components
6) Semantic business model management
7) Method and system for generating an ontology
8) Method and system for assessing and refining the quality of web services definitions
9) Recommendation system for assisting mashup developers at build-time
10) System and method for generating implementation artifacts for contextually-aware business applications

Additional Honors & Awards
2010: Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Award at IBM: Given in recognition of individual contributions as a technical lead in several projects.
2009: Best Paper Award: Decision Sciences Journal. http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/122527905/abstract
2004: Gold Medal: Dean’s award for highest scholastic achievement in the MBA graduating class at NYU Stern School of Business.
2004: Alumni award for highest academic achievement in the MBA graduating class at NYU Stern School of Business.
2004: Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma honor society for highest academic achievement in MBA at NYU Stern School of Business.
Several IBM Research Technical Awards (2009, 2007, 2005, 2000, 1998)
1998:Best Paper Award. Daniel H. Wagner prize for excellence in operations research practice from INFORMS practice.
2002: IAAI: Deployed Application using AI techniques Award. IAAI2002, Edmonton, Alberta, Ca.
National Merit Scholarship India (1987-1993)