Meet Ulf Vinneras, ISSIP 2020 Vice President!

Mr. Ulf Vinneras is Sr Director of High Touch Services at Aruba Networks, (A HPE Company). His primary focus is consumption models (subscription), Customer Success, Analytics, and Automation. Previously, he was General Manager / Senior Director for Cross Architecture within the Customer Experience (CX) division of Cisco Systems.

Mr. Vinneras is the recipient of the ISSIP 2019 Distinguished Recognition Award in Service Innovation.  He sat on the Professional Services advisory board for TSIA, a research and advisory firm.

He has been the driving force behind automation and analytics within the Cisco Customer Experience organization, an initiative that led to multiple patents and the most recognized innovation being “Fingerprinting” which enable the Cisco CX organization to automatically access a customer’s complete infrastructure and identify elements with a high risk of crashing, and also provides automatic recommendations on what to change to limit that crash risk. Another project automated “solution and validation testing”, where a test cycle used to take 12 weeks and now in some cases are delivered within three days.

During his Cisco Career, he managed the Service organization for Africa, he led a team of architects that traveled the world to set up new Service providers (telecom operators), and also led the complete delivery team for North America.

Mr. Vinneras holds a Master of International Engineering Business Management from the Manchester business school.

Position Statement:

Under my leadership, ISSIP will focus on becoming a platform for innovation and collaboration between its members, to further increase the value from the organization.

In addition, the focus will be to encourage measurable and practical innovation, that provides business value across multiple architectures and industries.

For me, it is the highest priority that members, current and potential, feel an ongoing increase in value from the membership, with ISSIP playing the role of:

1) Provide knowledge sharing and success stories

2) serve as a platform for cross-collaboration between members, open hackathons serving as brainstorming sessions

3) Build an active collaboration between the academic members and the industry members, providing opportunities for industry members to contribute with real challenges and cases for the students, and also offer students and lectors a platform to participate in industry members activities through projects linked to course work.

I am very passionate about innovation, and I genuinely believe ISSIP has the potential to be instrumental in the future of our industry.