Call For Authors!

From Jim Spohrer (IBM), and Haluk Demirkan, (University of Washington)

ISSIP in partnership with Business Expert Press is looking for authors! Please read the letter from Collection Editors James C. Spohrer (IBM) and Haluk Demirkan (University of Washington).

We are inviting scholars and professionals with expertise in all areas of service science and systems to send us a brief proposal of their book. Please fill in Author Proposal Template and send it to Haluk Demirkan ([email protected])

ISSIP and Busines Expert Press partnership supports authors producing concise, academically sound, applied books. This collection provides concise and practical descriptions of modern service innovations for professionals, government policy-makers, academics, social entrepreneurs and students. The collection includes short books that explain practical advances that best exemplify service innovations across multiple business and societal systems (e.g., retail & hospitality, finance & banking, information & communication technologies, health & education, utilities and urban services) and from multiple disciplinary perspectives (e.g., marketing, operations, management, engineering, computing, design, and more). Service innovations impact quality, productivity, compliance, and sustainability of service systems using new technologies, business models, organizational networks, governance mechanisms and end-user capabilities. Click here for more details.


  • The book will be supplemented with cases, articles, newsletter and podcasts
  • BEP will distribute the book through StudyNet, University Readers, Xanedu and other leading providers of course packs.
  • You could use it in your teaching or consulting practice
  • BEP will sell your booklet both in print and in digital collections to the business school libraries of the world.
  • You might already have your own “technical notes” that you ask your students to read or your own PowerPoint presentations that you use to teach specific topics. These materials can serve as the starting point of a short book.
  • Collection editors will  guide you through topic selection, assist you in achieving the appropriate tone in your writing, and then support you through the production process.
  • Professional editors will also help you polish the manuscript. Business Expert Press employs a quick, 120-day production timeline. All editors and operations are based in the United States.

We thank you, in advance, for your valuable contribution to the series. If you have an idea for a booklet that would fit this business model, please contact us via email. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

Best Regards,
Editors: James C. Spohrer and Haluk Demirkan