The ISSIP Frontiers of Service Innovation Speaker Series hosts speakers, practitioners, authors and researchers who bring fresh insights and perspectives to the ISSIP community. The talks are recorded, and range across topics on strategic service innovation, transformation and orientation, open collaborative innovation, service innovation ecosystems, T-shaped people and organizations, industry dynamics, and models for growth, sustained creativity, scalability and new sources of value co-creation and improved well-being.

Innovating your Business for Service Success, Professor Andy Neeley, Director Cambridge Service Alliance, ISSIP Ambassador, October 9, 8:00 am-9:00 am PST 

Andy Neely, Director Cambridge Serivce Alliance in conversation with Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director, ISSIP, Innovating Your Business Model for Service Success.

Drawing on five years of research, Professor Andy Neely talks about some of the latest innovation in service business model innovation, focusing particularly on the capabilities required to deliver services successfully. This talk will be particularly relevant for those firms making the “shift to services”, supplementing traditional product offerings with new or additional services. Drawing on examples from industries as wide ranging as aerospace and defense to publishing, healthcare to mining and construction, Professor Neely will illustrate what leading firms are doing as they reinvent their business models to ensure they deliver maximum value to their customers.

Webex Recording

Nick Frank interviews Dave Gordon from Roll Royce PLC, on how their Defence Business is developing services that contribute to creating a long term sustainable future.

Nick Frank, Principal Frank-Partners, in Conversation with Dave Gordon, Director, on Rolls Royce’s service journey,

Jim Spohrer, Director, IBM University Program Worldwide, in conversation with Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director, ISSIP, on 21st century workforce

Earlier this month, Dr. Jim Spohrer, IBM Director of Global Universities Program sat down in an interview with Yassi Moghaddam, International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, ISSIP, Executive Director to talk about the future of  jobs and the importance of T-shape professional development.

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